Titan Poker VIP Club

Club Titan Poker VIP Club is worth being in

The lifestyles of the rich and famous are invariably exciting and seem well worth pursuing. It doesn’t matter what walk of life you are in or what interests you have, there is definitely something tantalising about being part of a group that only the select few can entry to. If you think about the number of online poker sites there are to choose from, being a poker player doesn’t really mark you as being anything special or unique. However, if you are a VIP player at an online poker site you definitely stand out from the crowd and this is the case with Titan Poker VIP Club players.

There are different reasons why people would want to belong to a VIP club but for the vast majority, it boils down to the benefits that are on offer. After all, there has to be something tangible and of great benefit to be a VIP member and with the Titan Poker VIP Club, there are plenty of great incentives to get in with the in crowd. There are obviously a lot of different levels for players to be at in the VIP club and the first level of entry provides minimal bonuses but with the ability to move up quickly. It is important that not all of the bonuses are loaded towards the high rollers because there would be little incentive for all poker players but the Titan Poker VIP Club doesn’t fall foul of this situation.

Get involved with freerolls

There are a lot of freerolls for players to get involved with and these games take place on a weekly and monthly basis. The fact that the games come so quick and fast should ensure that players can join in regularly and make the most of their VIP membership. The lowest level of weekly freeroll plays for $250 but once you hit the third level, VIP Bronze that the freeroll rises to two weekly freeroll events, one for $500 and the second for $1,000. After this level, the weekly freeroll prize is $1,000 and there is also a monthly $5,000 freeroll event.

In addition to the regular freerolls, there are VIP Sit N Go games which are one of the most popular events on the site. The tournaments and major games can get a lot of press and publicity on a poker site but for players who players who play on a regular basis, the Sit N Go games are at the heart of what players do. Having the ability to drop in and enjoy a few quick games of poker is exactly what online poker is all about and this is a major part of the current offering by the site.

Does the Gladiator game grab your interest?

However, as you would expect, it is the bigger and flashier games that grab the attention and things don’t get much more exciting than a $5,000 Gladiator race that takes place for every month. Being rewarded for every time you play poker or for every winning hand is an major incentive for players and knowing you are up against other keen poker players is another element that drives players on. There is a very competitive nature to online poker and taking on your fellow player, albeit directly or indirectly is definitely something that poker players like to see so it is no surprise that this is very popular on the site.

Rack up points and grab the bonuses

The Titan VIP Club also allows players to rack up points which can be turned into cash bonuses and tournament tokens. There is no point in saying that this is a quick and easy way to making a lot of money but it does provide something extra for players. If you are going to regularly play online poker, you may as well receive the benefits for doing so and getting something back in return. The more points you gain, the higher up the VIP rankings you travel but there is also the ability to boost your bankroll, so there is definitely an incentive to play on a regular basis.

If you want to see what your points tally is or what you can do to rise up the membership levels, there is a handy points calculator to show you where you are. There is also a side section where you can learn what you should be doing to boost your points tally, which is always handy information.

Some poker sites offer VIP clubs and memberships which are hardly worth bothering with but this is certainly not the case with the Titan Poker VIP Club. If you plan on playing online poker regularly, taking an interest in the VIP membership is a good way to add some extra spice to your online poker time.