EuroPartners Affiliate Program

EuroPartners affiliate program can help you out

Playing poker or casino games online may be a way to make a lot of money but there is certainly nothing guaranteed about this. You may find that some days the luck is with you and your talent shines through. These are good days and hopefully you can make a great deal of money from these days because there will also be other days when things don’t run as smoothly. Even the best poker players will have days where they struggle at the table so this can go for anyone and there will be losses made at poker tables. After all you can’t have a winner without having at least one loser.

This is not always the case though and some people may be interested to find out about ways that they can receive a financial boost without taking a great gamble. There is no need for a serious level of outlay or expenditure when you are looking at the EuroPartners affiliate program, which is certainly music to the ears of many online entrepreneurs. Having the chance to make some money by promoting casino, poker or sports betting sites is likely to be something that catches your eye.

You have to work with the best

If you were looking to make money from being an affiliate, you know that you need to associate yourself with the best partners and programs. There is so much competition in the online gaming industry that anyone that looks to align itself with a cheap or poor looking partner is going to find themselves in trouble and making no real money at all. This is a waste of everyone’s time so why not make sure you are seen to be working with a brand that people will know, recognise and actually want to be seen using.

The Titan Casino is a perfect example of the sort of high quality casino sites that are available with EuroPartners and this is definitely the sort of thing that people are looking to see. There are also top class poker sites, such as Titan Poker or Mansion Poker, players with an interest in mobile gaming can look at the Casino Tropez mobile gaming option and of course, there is sports betting. Sports betting is one of the biggest markets and this isn’t looking like changing at any point soon so if you want to be associated with a sports betting site, why not choose a reliable name like Titan Bet.

Show me the money!

Of course, many people aren’t too interested about the quality of the name; they are only interested in the money. For affiliate partners, this is all about the commission and this is another area where EuroPartners manages to provide a lot of benefits for players who are looking to get involved. The site is obviously keen to help new affiliate partners to get off to a winning start because they provide a revenue share jumpstart process which will hopefully allow more money to be brought in at the start. This can give new affiliates the confidence and incentive to keep up the hard work and to ensure that they are doing what they can to promote the sites. Obviously this brings a long term benefit to the sites but the affiliate also benefits and this is where the long term relationship from this sort of promotion works. In the first three months of the relationship, new affiliates can expect to earn 50% revenue share before switching to a share of 20 to 40%. However, it would be hoped that the numbers of people clicking through the links and signing up will have grown by that time, so in all likelihood, 20 to 40% of the 5th months profits can be higher than 50% from the first month.

The longer term revenue is split by the number of players you have referred and the more players you have referred, the higher your percentage is. Like most affiliate programs, it is all about having the incentive to grow and develop and knowing that you can receive a greater share of the money is likely to help players to work harder in achieving their financial dreams.

There are also profits to be picked up by referring players to side games, so this could be another way to raise funds. Side games are becoming increasingly important and popular in the modern era and many affiliates are finding financial benefits in this sort of program.

There are definitely ways to make money online and if you are an affiliate, you can make money by promoting the sites that you love. This provides a great level of incentive and motivation for most players, because this will also benefit the site that they like to play on. Having more money in your online account is always a good way to spend more time on your favourite sites and being a EuroPartners affiliate partner can make all the difference.