Titan Poker Bonus

Titan Poker bonus gets you playing

If you are thinking about signing up for the Titan Poker site, there are plenty of good reasons why you should. The gameplay is smooth and the site looks good and if you want a poker site that provides plenty of tournaments to get involves with, this is definitely a site that will appeal. However, some poker player’s wants more from a site to encourage them to sign up and there will always be a financial incentive for some players to think about. This is why the Titan Poker bonus is going to be of benefit and if you haven’t looked to see what the site has to offer with regards to giving you a helping hand, you might want to do that now.

What Titan Poker provides to new players is a 200% matched bonus on their first deposit up to a value of $2,000. With so many poker sites providing a 100% bonus, this is a huge incentive for players to check the site out and sign up. Making the most of your money is something that every poker player should be looking to do and Titan Poker makes it extremely easy for new players to boost their bankroll. The bonus is automatically redeemed by players and as you play tournaments and cash games on site, you will notice that your bankroll is increasing. Okay, you may find it decreasing if luck goes against you but at least you will have boosted it in the first place! This redemption rate is said to be one of the fastest in the online poker industry so if you want to get your hands on a poker bonus quickly, Titan Piker is the place you want to be.

Poker points get you new bonuses

Every time a player earns 250 poker points, they will receive $5 of their bonus. There are many ways to rack up these points including rakes per hand and depositing money during tournaments. It is a fair guide to say that the more you play, the quicker your bonus will be redeemed so if you plan on playing a lot of online poker, the Titan Poker site will prove to be very worthwhile in next to no time. Poker points cannot be picked up in play money games but most of the other ways that poker players enjoy the site can help you to keep bringing in the bonus points.

This should be enough of a welcome bonus to get new players excited but it is far from being the only new deposit that players should be looking at. Titan Poker also provides 4 tokens which allow players to gain entry to their $2,500 new depositor’s freerolls. This means you have a chance of winning a share of $10,000 from your first deposit. Freerolls have always been popular on poker sites because they let players win without splashing any of their own cash but the fact that these games are just for new players is a good thing. It is not to say that new players are all new to online poker but it can take a while for a player to get used to a site and its layout. Playing freeroll games against fellow new players is the perfect way to get started on a site and see what it has to offer.

Even established players can join in the fun

Established players shouldn’t feel as though they are missing out though as there are freeroll tournaments taking place that everyone can enjoy. There is a monthly $5,000 prize on offer with a weekly prize pool of $1,250. All you have to do is make a deposit in a week and you will be eligible for the freeroll tournament on the Monday, which is then absolutely free! The tokens are dished out every Monday to the eligible players and if you are unable to play that week, they can be used the following week as well. This provides players with a second opportunity because there will be some weeks you cannot get to the site to play poker.

No matter what your philosophy about poker is, the Titan Poker site will be able to help you out. There are plenty of players who like to play online poker for the fun element and the fact that they can do so for free is going to be very good news for many players. However, there are also many online poker players who want to play for the chance of winning and again, Titan Poker rolls out all the options for players. Whether you are a new player or a regular player, opting for Titan Poker is going to give you every opportunity to enjoy poker the way that you like to play it. In this modern era of choice, why should you settle for anything less?